Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello, Class!

When you have a class of more than 10, you could easily be daunted excited by piles of students' works. If that class is a writing class, you could be driven off the wall by the amount of paper correction you need to do. Why not peer correction? Well, if the class consists of students with similar level of English, peer correction is your ally. But I tried it before with my mixed ability classes, and I had nightmares for months. Unfortunately, I'm still feeling ambitious to believe that I could handle the paper works and achieve my terminal objective this semester in my English 1 in IPMI.

This year, I have the luxury of having 14 students, 2 of which haven't showed up their noses in 4 sessions, so their abilities are still a big mystery to me. Among the remaining pool, based on my limited face time with the students, 4 are in the advanced level, 3 in intermediate, 3 in basic, while 2 are in the pre-basic level. La dee da! This is going to be a fun class.

Currently I'm using Quest 1 Reading and Writing and First Steps in Academic Writing, both are published by Pearson-Longman. So far, the class could fly safely with the first chapters of the books. I did see some confused looks from the passengers, but hopefully they could handle a little confusion and enjoy the trip :). Unfortunately, in my 2nd meeting today, 2 students went MIA. I hope they didn't get poisoned.

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